Indulge in a little Oakville! Shop Locally this Holiday Season

Indulge in a little Oakville

Shop locally this holiday Season


Indulge in a little Oakville retail therapy! Be primped and pampered by a few of Oakville’s great clothing, hair and jewellery retailers.  

Where will you shop this holiday season? Whether you are searching for a perfect gift or spending time with friends and loved ones, Oakville offers shopping, galleries and eateries to suit any palate.


The holiday season is the busiest time of the year for retailers. Shopping locally at this time of year creates a surge in the local economy. Local shops need to hire extra local staff and wages paid to local employees are circulated within the community. The holiday season is also a time when many of us donate to local charities to help those less fortunate in our community. Shopping locally supports local businesses that donate to local causes.


If a resident is looking for a specific good or service, the Oakville Chamber can provide information about member businesses who provide that good or service. Oakville has three Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) which can provide a wealth of information about shops in their areas. The BIAs are Kerr Village, Downtown Oakville and Bronte Village. Other community associations often organize local shopping days. Local community papers are a great resource for upcoming events at local merchants. The Oakville Business Directory, available for online viewing from the Chamber’s website, lists local businesses that can be searched by name or category.


Shopping locally reduces one’s carbon footprint, saving on gas and time. Shopping locally provides access to goods and services that are unique to Oakville’s distinct character. Shopping locally is the only effective way to preserve Oakville’s unique character and heritage. Shopping locally supports local merchants who in turn support the community.


Shopping locally is like voting with your wallet. There is a chain reaction that occurs with shopping locally – tax revenue is used to fund the local infrastructure including education, emergency services, community and school events, as well as, local charities. Local business means local jobs and less commuting. Shopping locally means that your travel expenses are reduced and it lessens your impact on our natural environment.


Shopping locally is good for our community health. We have the opportunity to meet our neighbours, and build long-term relationships with local businesses. Decision-making about product offerings and services are based on the local, unique needs of our community and preserve our community. A strong local economy will help attract new businesses, bringing their variety of products and services with a focus on the needs of our community. Through tax dollars, businesses subsidize the lifestyle we enjoy in Oakville. In order for us to plan the future we want as a community, we need to support businesses which support us, reflecting the values we hold as a community.


 While these are all good academic reasons to shop locally, most importantly shopping locally will meet your “Wish List” for many unique gifts and services for those hard to buy for people on your list. I am proud to shop Oakville; I encourage everyone to put the “I” in “I Shop Oakville.” You will be happy you did. I look forward to seeing you at our many wonderful retailers, restaurants and recreational purveyors this season.


Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!





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