Help Oakville United Way Reach & Exceed Their Projected 2012 Goal of 4.2 Million Dollars

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United Way Oakville will receive a donation gift from Stephen Sparling and generous Oakville business people who were invited to join Stephen’s “$1000 Club”. Designed to help Oakville United Way reach their projected 2012 goal of 4.2 million dollars by January 22nd 2013, Stephen hosted an Oakville United Way Community Leaders Reception with guest speaker David Nickerson, an employee of Stephen Sparling International, at the offices of OcConnor MacLeod Hanna.

United Way Oakville has a shortfall of $60,000 as their 2012 campaign comes to a close. The $1000 Club has raised over $20,000. Stephen Sparling hopes to increase this gift with your help.

The $1000 Club’s gift will be matched by The Sproutt Foundation, an organization that matches Community Leadership gifts of $1000.00 or more. Brad Park, United Way Oakville CEO, says “The United Way Oakville goal reflects the very real needs of important agencies and services in our community – services that are in danger if the goal is not met.” Your gift-donations will promote “Healthy People, Strong Communities”.

To help United Way Oakville reach their goal, give generously, knowing that your gift through the $1000 Club will double in monies donated to United Way Oakville.

Please contact Stephen Sparling by e-mail at or call him at 905-617-2447.

We know that people are healthy when they are connected to their neighbours and to their community. We also know communities are vibrant and strong when they have programs and services that reflect their unique needs. According to Chris Stoate, Campaign Cabinet Chair, in 2012, United Way Oakville, “helped over 30,000 people in Oakville and gave funds to 33 community agencies that help children be all the they can be, move people from poverty to possibility, and build healthy people and a strong community. Alzheimer’s disease, mental health issues, loneliness, suicidal thoughts, a child’s grief at the loss of a parent, spousal abuse – all these are among the many needs in Oakville addressed by the 33 United Way Oakville agencies.”

Speaker, David Nickerson, a valued employee of Stephen Sparling International, is back to being a healthy and productive Oakville citizen today, thanks to the help of the agencies funded by United Way Oakville. About six years ago David had a major breakdown and was later diagnosed with a Schizoaffective disorder. David says, “I ran away from my job and my apartment and my community, eventually ending up at a homeless shelter in downtown Toronto.” The story he told was one of hopelessness – and courage!

According to David, who has a degree in psychology, “There have been many people at many agencies who have helped bring me to a place of insight and recovery today. I’m here to thank them all in general and to STRIDE, in particular”. STRIDE, a program supported by United Way, helps people with various challenges find meaningful work. “For many of the smaller organizations, like STRIDE, we rely on the good graces of those who donate to the United Way.”

David says, “I’m convinced that I would not be as well as I am today without each of them in their turn.”

“United Way Oakville has helped bring people and resources together to strengthen our community for over 50 years. Each individual plays a role in building a better future for our family, friends and neighbours.”

Give generously. Help United Way Oakville to reach and exceed their 2012 goal today.


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